Signs You Need a Boiler Repair

A functioning boiler is essential for keeping your house warm and comfortable, especially during the unpredictable UK weather. Knowing the symptoms that your boiler may require repair can help prevent more serious issues in the future. Here are some signs which could indicate that your boiler may require a professional repair.

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Signs you need a boiler repair

No heat or hot water

The most obvious symptom that your boiler needs repair is when it fails to provide heat or hot water. This issue could be caused by a variety of factors, including valve failure, thermostat troubles, or ignition problems. If resetting the boiler does not resolve the issue, it is necessary to call a specialist.

Strange noises

Boilers typically produce modest levels of noise while functioning, but odd sounds such as pounding, whistling, or gurgling should not be overlooked. These noises may indicate air in the system, insufficient water pressure, or limescale buildup known as kettling. Such sounds indicate that your boiler is not running efficiently and should be inspected by an expert.

Leaking or dripping

Any indicators of leaking or dripping water from your boiler indicate serious internal problems. Leaks can be produced by a variety of factors, including pressure concerns or failures in internal components such as seals or valves. Leaks can cause damage to your property as well as other mechanical failures, thus fixing this is crucial.

Poor water pressure

Low water pressure can reduce the efficiency of your boiler and may indicate a leak or a problem with the pressure release valve. Check the pressure gauge on your boiler; if it's too low, it might not work properly. Re-pressurising the system may resolve the problem, but if the pressure continues to drop, seek professional assistance.

The pilot light goes off

If your boiler's pilot light continues going out, it could be because of a damaged thermocouple, a buildup of deposits in the area, or a problem with the gas supply. Some of these faults can be dangerous, so it's critical to hire a professional to investigate.

Thermostat issues

When your thermostat begins to malfunction, such as failing to turn on the heat or failing to achieve the desired temperature, it may be wrongly calibrated or broken. A broken thermostat can increase your energy expenses and reduce your home's comfort.

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