What to expect during a boiler installation

Purchasing a new boiler for your house is a big choice that will increase dependability, comfort, and energy efficiency. However, some homeowners may find the idea of installing a boiler intimidating. An installation that goes smoothly and successfully may be ensured by being aware of what to expect during the process.

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What happens during a boiler installation?

what happens during a boiler installation


Speaking with a licenced heating professional is the first step in installing a boiler. In this preliminary evaluation, the engineer will analyse the heating requirements of your house, talk about your preferences and financial situation, and suggest appropriate boiler choices. They'll also check whether any improvements or alterations are required, they will also evaluate the current heating system, which includes the radiators and plumbing.


After choosing the type of boiler you want to go for, the installation procedure starts. On the day, heating engineers will show up at your house equipped with all the tools and supplies needed. The old boiler will be taken out and its connections to the gas, water and electrical supplies cut off first. The installation procedure might take several hours to finish, depending on its complexity.

The heating engineers will then get the area ready to fit the new boiler. This might entail repairing or replacing any flues or vents, adjusting the plumbing, and checking sure the boiler has enough airflow. The new boiler will be installed and linked to the gas, water and electrical supplies after the site has been prepped. To guarantee that the boiler is installed safely and correctly, the installation crew will closely adhere to the manufacturer's instructions and industry best practices.

After the boiler is installed

The heating engineers will test the boiler thoroughly after installation to make sure it is operating as intended. This might entail looking for gas leaks, testing the hot water's pressure and flow, and confirming that all controls and safety measures are working properly. Your documentation will be sent to you by the installation team together with a Gas Safety Certificate and warranty details when the testing is finished and the installation satisfies all legal standards.

The team will make every effort to limit disturbance to your house and maintain a clean workspace during the operation.

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